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Clothes are much more than just fashion. Clothes transmit emotions and narrate about our lives.

In my mother's childhood it was common to use Sunday clothes (Pyhävaatteita in Finnish). Gradually after wearing them out, Sunday clothes became ordinary every day clothes. This beautifully represents the long life circle of garments. Nowadays we don’t wear Sunday clothes anymore, but still we could try to see that same practical dignity in our all garments.

In Pyhävaatteita I used sunlight and cyanotype to pattern the fabrics. With these methods I express the passage of time in clothes. Through the working process I seek to give the garment a story that increases the experienced value of the clothing.

Studio photos by Sofia Okkonen



Elina Laitinen is a fashion designer (MA) who graduated from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2016. Her Master’s thesis Pyhävaatteita (Sunday Clothes) studies the significance of handmade clothes and aims to evoke discussion about modern clothing consumption.

Laitinen has gained prominent experience of different aspects of fashion industry through working for such companies as Peter Pilotto, Italian textile mill Canepa and Finnish fashion label Siloa & Mook. In 2012 she won the Grand Prize of the Jury at Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography with a menswear collection made in collaboration with Siiri Raasakka and Tiia Sirén. In her work Laitinen is intrigued by the value-creating elements of fashion design.
Through the making process she seeks to give the garment a story that increases the experienced value of the clothing.

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